Employee well-being

Well-being of our employees is crucial.

To stay a committed employee and colleague throughout a career, we believe well-being is fundamental. One of the cornerstones to feeling well is physical activity. To promote and motivate ourselves, we implemented a well-being initiative for all employees a few years ago - the 'Super Fit Competition'. By doing physical exercise, practicing mindfulness or yoga, eating well and at the same time having a lot of fun, we gain points. Each point gained is equal to one SEK contributed to charity and sustainability initiatives by the company. Two times a year we summarize the total score. So far, we have contributed 45 000 SEK to Rädda barnen - Save the Children and to Stadsmissionen's "Göteborgsgåvan".

Well-being is also about having balance in life. We aim to offer a flexible working place and environment where it is natural that all employees are able to have a fun and stimulating work, a working family life and meaningful spare-time.